Saturday, October 2, 2010

10 Love tips (2)

Get love to you
continued from post 10 tips  on love you must have read and wait for the last five steps of the previous postings. why should I write separately because five of the previous five sections are the most important part according to the author.continue reading and discover the secret


6. Surprises

Do not hesitate to give us a surprise for the him. For example, we have made the foodor bring a box of her favorite chocolates. Mmmmm ... he must have added care about you.

Monday, September 27, 2010

10 Love tips

Love tips
Love Tips
delivered by a friend of the author as reference material for the writers changed the original context to facilitate readers happy reading

there are 10 things to know every guy in a relationship you want can menggunkan tips given my friend to make comparisons in your life what you desire come true and make your choice is the best option ..10 things you should do is:

1. Honest

If there is we do not like from him, better be honest. and if necessary, and he's talking about when we're alone together. not okay, a little bit sick, but goodrecent days. Like, we do not "like to see if he's always comparing you to ask him before." We had better frankly, than on fighting each other or sarcastically.

Monday, September 20, 2010

why he had to yield

Many things in any relationship there will be periods where the differences will emerge and become a trigger of tension between couples. are like the differences of opinion, differences of perception, to feel the difference. If a fight, a couple would be individuals who are self-centered selfishness and promote each other. 

The woman becomes bitchy and curt and the man became abusive and violent.
why should a fight

And will end in regret when tensions will stop at an end of your love. Differences which should bring about positive change, a reason for preferring stepped in the way of each. Parting it can take when it was no longer on hold. But whether they should be separated and concluded that it was the best choice.
Actually just had a relationship that is still relatively very young. How many marriages are stopped at the beginning of his journey? Ironically, many public figures who take advantage of a farewell as a commodity to gain public sympathy. They like politicians who campaigned by saying that I was most deserving of sympathy. Gives the impression, that the ordinary divorce, reducing the extent the meaning of marriage going out alone. pathetic.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Why men should Attractive To get your Dream Girl

Something that always makes me very puzzled by the phenomenon among both men and women. You ever think, why women are most beautiful, interesting, smart and sweet is always close and going out with guys who like to brawl, mischievous and popular? (Sources in the doing of the 378 authors surveyed 310 of them said "Agree") why the dates smart guy and genius is that women are not very interesting. and funny man who had been naughty and likes to brawl rare, handsome or rich.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

3. things that women like

women kiss flower
Women want to be understood that one way to get the woman you want. understand them so you can approach it naturally There are many things that men liked women, but it just does not like it. Women often consider this trivial, will but through several surveys, the three men also had to admit it. Anything?

Quoted from Yourtango, here are three things that really do not like him but she thinks he likes it.

1. Interest
The man never touched by the flowers. Men are more touched by a football legend or song that reminds the good times past. Meanwhile, the woman actually very fond of flowers and honored if given a flower. But you should not give flowers to men.

Women are more sensitive sense of smell when the smell of flowers, and it will make parts of the brain that regulate emotion become more active and release hormones such as oxytocin carrier pleasure. That's why women easily in drop with flowers.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

About Women

women are god's most beautiful creations they created to accompany each course, the man who would become a partner. many men have taken the trouble to find someone who likes going but they ultimately failed to get what he loved and ultimately their despair and suicide, were recorded from 10 men who carried out research on how to approach her properly two of the 10 men failed. means that eight of these men succeeded ..
we do not talk to the failure of a man we only have to think positive is possible that they are less fortunate!! .. and many men who say "I am lucky to get him"
and finally from the eight men who succeeded in a secret research tells them to get a partner and idol of their hearts.
"Love takes sacrifice and the sacrifice will be paid with happiness."


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